Our portfolio

Our portfolio

TITANE SERVICES also makes bespoke titanium parts (prototype and low-volume production) from blueprints supplied or through our design team.

We work for industry, the racing industry (auto, moto, cycling, model-making, water sports, etc.) and passionate individuals.

Complete Grade 5 titanium hub for :

  • Lancia Stratos
  • Titanium motorcycle fastener kit
  • Titanium motorcycle screw for TOKICO brake calliper
  • Titanium motorcycle screw for GSXR brake disc
  • Dashboard for luxury yacht Titanium axle stands for yacht / competitive water sports
  • Bespoke titanium parts for the chemical industry
  • Titanium collars for the Alpine Renault
  • Tappets and rocker arm set for Alpine engines 1600 & 1800
  • Miniature titanium welding stand – CNRS

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